Fighting poverty

by strengthening the potential of the most vulnerable


Since 2010, Will Fly has been supporting children who live in difficult conditions. These children face hunger, violence, lack of education and despair.

Will Fly gives them a chance to flourish, to learn, to open up to the world and to achieve their dreams. Through playful, educational and sports activities, the children develop their self-confidence, their creativity and their solidarity.

Their successes inspire their surroundings and transform their environment. They become role models for their communities and agents of change.

“Poverty is not inevitable. We can all get out of it if we have hope and help. That’s what we want to bring to the children with Will Fly.” Marie-Anne Lagane, president of Will Fly.

Our president is on the ground every day with the children: The association welcomes and follows already 100 children in a safe and caring environment.

enfants association


Since 2010, WILL FLY has been working in Rivière Noire, with the most deprived children and families. We are an NGO that uses personal monitoring techniques to support the children in their development.

Our goal: to help them overcome social difficulties/inequalities, and to promote their educational and professional success.

Our values:

  • Love

  • Respect

  • Dream

  • Sharing

  • Trust